January 21, 2022


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Middlecap London Limited

The journey of this company began in 2009 when it was known as Neuropea Corporate Finance. It was the formation of this company that gave way for Middlecap to provide financial advice. In 2011, Neuropea Corporate Finance expanded its portfolio of services, team, and international operations to a new entity, Middlecap Partners. The year 2014 saw the establishment of Mayfair Assets Limited operating in Prague, London, and Bratislava. These offices were covering large investment portfolio projects. 2015 ushered in active investment growth with provided. Executed transaction volumes exceeding €800 million. In 2018, Mayfair Assets Limited and Middlecap Partners Limited fused their operations and businesses successfully to form a new brand under the name Middlecap Group S.A. The company became synonymously referred to as Miroslav Vyboh’s company as he is the chairman of the board of the company alongside being a partner to the company.

Facts and Milestones

The company is a privately-owned investment holding that has been in operation for over ten years. The firm has its operations out of Luxembourg, with some of its offices being in London, Bratislava, Monaco, Prague, and Dubai. The business has a corporate team of over 55 professionals spread across various affiliate companies and business units. The company has in the last three years executed. Advised business transactions exceeding €800 million. Up to now, the firm has developed projects in the real estate sector, returning a combined total value in excess of €110 million. The firm projected a total capital employed amount exceeding €300 million by 2020.

Contacts and Offices

Middlecap London Limited was incorporated on 17th March 2014 with a company operation number 08940952. It is an active private limited company with its registered office address at 15 Strat ford Place, London, England, W1C 1BE. The registered nature of business is financial intermediation not elsewhere classified. There are other offices as well supporting the international market in Bratislava, Prague, Monaco, Dubai, and Paris. The previous company names before the merger were Middlecap Real Estate Limited that operated from 13 Jul 2018 to 14 Aug 2019, and Mayfair Assets Limited from 17 Mar 2014 to 13 Jul 2018.

The Company’s Charitable Work

Apart from offering the services mentioned above, Middlecap has placed itself to be a charitable company through the guidance of Miroslav Vyboh. The company has been a constant participant in the “No Finish Line” charity run. The race converts the number of kilometers covered by participants to euros for the benefit of projects working in support of needy children. Further, the love for arts saw Miroslav Vyboh and Middlecap group acquire shares in Insight Art, a Czech company, to make use of its state-of-the-art RToo Robotic Scanner. The scanner helps in investigating. Revealing deeply hidden secrets of artworks.