December 5, 2021


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How to buy backlinks step by step

Local website ranking is easier than Nationwide ranking, so a geographically targeted services company would have quicker results than an eCommerce targeting the UK as a whole. SEO case studies can be ongoing and updated every year, or just as a one-off project when there’s been a case of NSEO (Negative SEO) or in other words, a malicious attack on a website by injecting URL’s that redirect to a dodgy domain, or in a more direct manner such as creating toxic backlinks in the thousands to a competitor’s website.

I’ve resolved every problem that I’ve agreed to work on, a case study is a highly effective way of attracting new clients.

How much does a good SEO Freelancer in the UK cost?

Be acutely aware of anyone claiming to be an SEO, especially if they are pushy about their services, or immediately offer a discount on a package, you can trust Rankers Paradise as it is a great online store to buy backlinks. I do not offer discounts, at parties I tell people that I work online from home vaguely, and I never work for friends, friends of friends, and you can forget working with family. My social media accounts feature my cats more than self promotional posts.

A good SEO Freelancer won’t be able to start immediately, unless they have just quit the employee status and are at the start up phase. They should be able to showcase case studies to give you confidence in their abilities.

Red Flags: Is the client telling the truth?

Every week there’s at least one new enquiry begging me to be available to work because of an emergency.

Earlier this month a client contacted me as he didn’t have Google Analytics installed in his website that is 7 years old. I remember it was a Friday afternoon, for me it’s a ten minute task to install and test and is easy money. All was well, happy client, happy freelancer. The next step was a Zoom SEO consultation wherein I heard the familiar cry of “I can’t find a good SEO, they don’t reply to my emails any more” which is in my personal top three indicators of a client mismatch – too many times I’ve taken on projects because I feel sympathetic towards the client.

I always resolve complex situations with regards to account ownership of data, consolidating several email addresses to a single login, or the challenge of unpicking the mess of poor SEO practices, only to find the clueless client expects me to fix their iphone.

It’s common for people to assume I’m able to design logos, fix HTML or CSS errors, or worst of all send me ‘helpful’ SEO articles on the internet about disavowing links in Search Console when there’s actually no qualifying criteria in their domain data.

Solving a client’s predicament can be tiresome, especially if the client has made poor SEO choices by responding to spam emails, or attracted by a cheap website promotion offer that looks like a bargain.

‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’- Benjamin Franklin nailed it with his famous quote.

Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring. Scratch that – Panic!

Let’s imagine this scenario: A client finds me online using my target search term ‘SEO Freelancer UK’ and sends me a message via my contact form, waving £ signs and clamouring for a telephone conversation right here, right now. They explain they have been paying an overseas agency to help their website rank in Search Engines, but their rankings are stagnant.

“OK” is my reply “What search terms do you track? Which page of SERPs does your domain currently sit at?” following which is a little back-and-forth only to discover the SEO hasn’t agreed target search phrases. The client is confused, then the lightbulb moment pings. There is no evidence of on-page website work, so when they verbalise “I want my rankings to improve” and I request a bullet point list of search phrases, they respond with “I don’t know – you choose!”.

This situation is akin to buying a top of the range tablet and asking the Sales associate “Show me what it does” when the question should be reversed. You know your business better than anyone, you tell me what you need.

Then the client panics. They realise their digital marketing campaign has flopped before it started, as there were no Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in place. Personally, my favourite KPI is pushing a website higher in search results, as opposed to a 100% increase in traffic. Why? The biggest factor I’ve found is the website design isn’t a positive browsing experience. Technical SEO implementation over a few months may see your domain out performing all of their online competitors, but if the website design doesn’t visually impress in 4 seconds you can be dominating SERPs but no one will want to purchase.

Sometimes SEO can’t save your business

If your homepage headline is worded “Welcome to my website” then search engines and humans alike have no idea at first glance what you are selling. Be bold. If you have an eCommerce store, inform visitors they can buy online, a good call to action would be “Buy matching shoes and handbags with free delivery”. Likewise, with a local services page your homepage headline should read “Carpet Cleaning Bristol and Somerset”.

I’ve seen an international client selling drone piloting footage and amazing videography work globally have a DIY website design with a prison-grey background. At first glance I honestly thought it was a guy with an Argos drone wanting to make a few quid selling aerial footage of local landmarks, as it happened he turned out to be a talented wizard with editing software, capable of video production worthy of a TV documentary.

4 Seconds: Impress or Digress

So you have a YouTube video embedded in your homepage that autoplays? Oh please no, stop it. Flashing neon graphics? No photographs, just stock images? Uninspirational yawn-inducing websites will result in a high bounce rate. Note: A ‘bounce’ is a visitor to your website who doesn’t engage and does not click to visit other pages within your website. Kind of like a rain check. Nope, not for me.

Time on site is a great indicator in your website analytics data, if you can see that people come to your homepage and leave in under 3 seconds, then the 4 second rules applies:

If you don’t impress in 4 seconds to encourage further engagement, visitors will digress and bounce away from their landing page.

This circles back to the KPI of doubling your website hits in X months. I can push you to the top of search results, but if you’re unwilling to change the way your online storefront looks in terms of design, colour scheme and effective call to action, you’re setting yourself up for failure with depressing and distracting design.

It’s a sad fact that millions of people still believe that buying backlinks will rank a website above all others at the expense of on-page SEO elements. I’m not going to explain more in this article but do feel free to reach out should you wish to book a remote consultation.

Summary: Never reply to emails offering SEO services, avoid the temptation to reply “No” to be taken off their mailing list, don’t buy backlinks and take time to educate yourself and learn about your competitors. Learn from their success, from UX to an enticing call to action, to stalking their digital footprint to glean information why their website is ranking at the top of search results.